At Baldwin CPAs, we take pride in assisting non-profit organizations and helping them achieve their mission. From handling back-office operations to compliance and tax services, we help you maintain a strong financial foundation so you can focus on serving your community.

Non-profit accounting is more than just a niche for us, it's a passion. We understand the strong reputations that our non-profit clients have in the community and we are committed to assisting you with tailored solutions to help you meet the needs and goals of your organization.


Myron Fisher

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Keeping Your Mission at the Forefront: Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

At the heart of every nonprofit is a mission—a driving force that defines its purpose and guides its actions. Staying...

Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements, GASB Statement No.96

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board mandates that governments adopt the provisions of the Governmental...

Data Quality for Nonprofits

Poor data quality poses a threat to every organization, including nonprofits. When data is inaccurate, nonprofits can...
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