Proactive Planning

At Baldwin CPAs, we believe in the benefit of proactive planning as opposed to reaction. We utilize our proven planning process in combination with our combined knowledge and experience to help you make better decisions.


Team Based

Our holistic and proactive approach is driven by our team based model.

The team based model grants you access to  the Proactive Planning Team as well as other experienced professionals who may service a need you have.

If your needs can be addressed directly by a local teams - it will be business as usual.

However, if the expertise required is not available locally, then we have access to leverage the knowledge and expertise of our Virtual Family Office - which  covers 5 big areas: tax planning, risk mitigation, wealth management, legal services and business advisory.

Team Based Model

Our Focus is to Understand and Prioritize Your Needs

With our Virtual Family Office, the possibilities are endless. Once we understand your needs, we will point you in the direction of a solution.



Our Process

Proactive Planning Process