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Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting for Small Businesses

Small businesses have enough to worry about regarding their products and services, customers, making money, the economy, competition, employees, etc.; why add on the stress of taxes? To help alleviate some of the stress, small businesses should outsource their accounting. There are many benefits of outsourcing, including: finance and accounting expertise, financial savings, access to advanced technology, better use of time, reduction of errors, maximizing efficiency, and business advising.

By outsourcing you will receive specialized knowledge that meets your company’s unique needs. You may not constantly need access to a bookkeeper, accountant, or auditor so it is hard to hire someone to fulfill all these roles; an accounting firm can provide all these services and scale up or down with you as your business grows.

One of the best values of outsourcing your accounting needs is the reduction in costs. When hiring an employee to take care of these needs you must pay salaries, benefits, taxes, etc. Labor can be one of a small business’ highest expenses. Without these unnecessary additional payroll expenses, you can spend more on employees who will work and support the core needs of your business.

By choosing to outsource you can spend more time working on your business and goals. You can go back to working on the things that matter to you and need your attention. Don’t stress and waste time worrying about your accounting and taxes when there is an option that takes care of this and provides you with substantial financial savings. We can even provide business advising, as needed, to help you make more informed decisions backed by the numbers.

Baldwin CPAs can replace the need to hire an employee to do your accounting and finance work for you. We offer a multitude of services, those being: audit & assurance work, tax compliance & planning, payroll, accounts payable & accounts receivable, reconciliations, sales & payroll tax returns, human resource consulting, forensic & litigation services, employee benefit plan audits, and wealth management. You can also rely on us to leverage advanced technology that will provide your business with the best tools and processes for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

This article was written by Lauren Hedges. Lauren is an Accounting Clerk with Baldwin CPAs. For more information on the solutions Baldwin CPAs can provide for your business, contact lauren.hedges@baldwincpas.com.

Lauren Hedges

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