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Preparing income tax returns is a very important service offered by your CPA.  However, your accountant can offer many other professional services.   Not only should your accountant understand the myriad of current income tax laws, they should have access to knowledge that will assist you in areas such as estate planning, and inheritance laws.  Your accountant can also be a source of information with regard to technology.  Many accountants offer business valuation services and litigation support. 

September 25, 2014

The end of the 2014 calendar year is quickly approaching. Many companies fiscal year will be ending during this time as well. It may be time to start thinking about your financial audit and the expectations of the auditors and management. It’s never too early to begin preparation with your businesses audit team.

September 18, 2014

Does your business usually defer taxes through various investments? These investments are usually not risk-free. There are multiple business credits that your company may be entitled to that you should consider. Unlike deferred taxes, business credit deductions permanently reduce your taxes.

There are many different business tax credits that can be claimed, but here are a few of the multiple business credits:

Investment Credit Property

September 12, 2014

For the past three to four years, the buzz has been “are you in the Cloud?” With the growing consumer use of IT, not only has the Cloud become a reality, but many people are now using Cloud storage devices such as iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive. Mobile devices have caused the Cloud to become the ultimate storage which the majority are feeling more comfortable using and are now using in their everyday life. It might be questioned what is the advantage of using Cloud storage?

September 05, 2014

You have probably heard of the term, Stretch IRA, but do you know how to Stretch your IRA?\

A Stretch IRA is an IRA that is set up so the assets can remain in the IRA account after the owner has passed away. The reason you want to do this is so your heirs do not have to pay tax at a higher rate on the IRA. This can happen if the beneficiaries are in their high earning years.\

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