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Preparing income tax returns is a very important service offered by your CPA.  However, your accountant can offer many other professional services.   Not only should your accountant understand the myriad of current income tax laws, they should have access to knowledge that will assist you in areas such as estate planning, and inheritance laws.  Your accountant can also be a source of information with regard to technology.  Many accountants offer business valuation services and litigation support. 

January 23, 2014

Baldwin CPAs, PLLC provides accounting and tax services to foreign corporations and individuals doing business within the United States as well as companies and individuals with activities abroad in countries such as of Japan, Canada, France, China, United Kingdom, Germany, and Mexico.

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October 04, 2013

The stalemate in DC has shut down the IRS as well and one of the biggest effects is that any returns with refunds, the refunds are not being processed. Payments on returns are being processed.  This causes a lot of other peripheral problems as well. New businesses can’t get employer identification numbers in order to be able to open bank accounts and pay their withheld payroll taxes.

September 18, 2013

In such a recovering economy, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) should be even more strongly relied upon. Investors want to invest their money on the right and trustful companies. Companies with honest growth, ambition, and/or potential look for money. The overriding objective of an ethical CPA is to make sure this logic remains as such: worthy companies must have access to the financing they deserve. To do this, a CPA uses one of the few ways of communication he has at his/her disposition: the financial statements.

August 28, 2013

As part of last January’s tax changes, a new tax has quietly been put in place that hasn’t received much press. Beginning in 2013, the new 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT) may be in effect for certain individuals, estates, and trusts.

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