Financial Institution Services

The current economic, regulatory, and legislative environments are stretching community bank resources to their limits. We can help relieve some of this stress and allow you to focus more on customer service and profitability.

Our Company

We are committed to helping each of our clients succeed. For this reason our employees attend specialized classes and conferences to keep up-to-date with the latest audit, accounting, and tax requirements.



Our staff has extensive experience in providing services to financial institutions, ranging from new charters to large multi-office institutions. The experience gained over the past 30 years during monumental changes in the financial institution industry positions our firm to offer a unique perspective on the issues facing financial institutions today.

Tax Preparation

We are aware of the unique financial reporting and tax requirements for financial institutions. Our client commitment is to build a long-standing relationship to generate ideas for strengthening your institutions.

Auditing & Analysis

Other services we offer that may benefit your institution include:

  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Financial Statement Consulting and Analysis
  • Internal Loan Review Service
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Call Report Assistance
  • Internal Audit Services


We offer help with BSA and ACH Compliance, including independent audits, assistance with policies and procedures, and employee training.

Forensic Accounting

This specialized type of accounting is based on the needs or certain organizations that may require the service for legal purposes.

Online Service

We are able to provide our clients, through our secure Web site, individual client private portal access. Our clients have access to various documents and tax information through the portal. We can provide bookkeeping software through the portal that is tailored to your individual business needs. Contact us for more information about the client portal services available.